The Litho is a lightweight, compact Holmium (2100nm) surgical laser offering a wide selection of settings for the treatment of stones and soft tissue surgery.

Using a standard 10A mains power outlet, this laser provides the user with high power output (up to 30W), energy (up to 4J) and frequency (up to 25Hz), together with an extremely long pulse width (up to 1500µs).

Dusting Effect

Litho device is equipped with the Dusting Effect mode, taking advantage of the extremely long pulse width to perform a smoother ablation of stone, limiting retropulsion while maintaining fragmentation efficiency.

Wide range of Fibers

A great versatility in applications requires a wide range of delivery probes. For this reason, Litho laser is compatible with different fiber diameters (200-1000µm), including ball tip.

This is a compact and versatile device that can be powered from any regular 10A power outlet.

Its minimal footprint means its easy to transport, limits space used in the Operating Theatre, easy to connect and convenient to store between cases.