Cyber Ho 60

Cyber Ho 60 is a best in class holmium laser, producing 60Hz for lithotripsy (management of stones).

This Cyber Ho device operates at 2100nm and can reach up to 60Hz pulse repetition rate. It also includes the outstanding exclusive innovation of Virtual Basket™ and MasterPULSE™ technologies for advanced retropulsion control.

Cyber Ho represents a complete solution for stone treatment offering 4 different techniques.

The user can choose multiple techniques, including high-frequency lithotripsy at 60hertz, dusting, fragmentation and popcorning.

In addition, overcoming stone retropulsion by advanced tools such as MasterPULSE™ technology.

Virtual Basket™ pulse modulation generates a connection channel with the stone, resulting in enhanced energy delivery while retropulsion is minimised.

MasterPULSE™ manages retropulsion and tissue cutting at the preferred energy and frequency.  Simply tune MasterPULSE™, based on your visual feedback to get a faster, more intuitive experience, thanks to 7 pulse width levels – compared to the traditional 3 steps of other holmium lasers.

High Power Small Fibers means the maximum flexibility is 13mm (radius curvature) while still delivering high emission power.

Cyber Ho device is designed for extreme performance with small 200μ fibers (allowing more than 30W even with the smallest fiber diameters).